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String function

If you were a cat, string functions would be the cat's meow, all puns intended. Besides being a large part of your PHP code, they provide much of the functionality to identify and alter your data into other formats, such as arrays


Adds backslashes (escape string) to items within $string to make it safe for database queries. Effects single quotes ( ' ), double quotes ( " ), backslashes ( \ ), and the NUL byte.

$string = ' Tom said, "Marcus is mad!"';
echo $string;
$string = addslashes($string);
echo $string;
Tom said, "Marcus is mad!" Tom said, \"Marcus is mad!\"
See Also:
get_magic_quotes_gpc – Server setting for automatically applying
addslashes to GET/POST/COOKIE data
stripslashes() – Remove the backslashes created by addslashes()

Removes backslashes (escape string) from items within $string added
throughaddslashes() or magic_quotes_gpc.
$string = ' Tom said, "Marcus is mad!"';
$string = addslashes($string);
echo $string;
$string = stripslashes($string);
echo $string;
Tom said, \"Marcus is mad!\" Tom said, "Marcus is mad!"

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