Java - Core Java - Introduction

About Java

The Java programming language was originally created in 1995 by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems (currently a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation). Java is a general-purpose programming language that’s used in all industries for almost any type of application.

If you master it, your chances of getting employed as a software developer will be higher than if you specialize in some domain-specific programming languages. There are around six million professional Java developers in the world and the majority of them are always ready to share their knowledge.

Java is a programming language and platform and here a platform means any hardware and software environment in which a java program runs. Since java has its own runtime environment and API hence it is called platform. Java runs on more than 3 billion devices. These are many devices where java is currently used some of them as follows.

  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • Enterprises
  • Mobile
  • Embedded system
  • Smart card
  • Game
  • Robotics

History of Java

Java is a distributed technology developed by James Gosling along with two person Mike Sheridan and Patric Naugton, etc. at Sun Microsystem has released lot of rules for Java and those rules are implemented by JavaSoft Inc, USA (which is the software division of Sun Micro System) in the year 1990.

The original name of Java is OAK (which is a tree name). In the year 1995, OAK was revised and developed software called Java (which is a coffee seed name) and basically OAK is the symbol of strength.

Why Learn Java

Java is designed to be a beginner-friendly programming language and since it is a statically typed language, it is much faster than other dynamically typed languages. Another advantage of Java is that it makes it easier to focus on the building of features while it takes care of more menial tasks in the background (such as memory management). It also boasts one of the largest programming communities which mean more support programmers are able to receive.