HTML & CSS - HTML 5 - HTML 5 Tags

HTML 5 Tags

1)<article> tag : By using this element we can specify a small piece of content in a document. It may be small piece of news, poem.
2)<aside> tag: If you won’t to display the menu in the left side and right side of page then we used aside tag
3)<audio> tag: this audio tag used in multimedia player.
4)<canvas> tag: Basically it is used to drawing a canvas. The application of canvas it is used for making a graphics, game etc.
5)<Footer> tag: Footer tag can define in any section.
6)<header> tag: The header tag is used for define a header section.
7)<nav> tag: It is use for define the link in header section.
8)<section> tag: By using section tag we can define multiple section in a document.
9)<video> tag: It is used to display latest multimedia section.
10)<time> tag: This tag is used for showing date and time.